Anonymous asked: "did u delete your other blog? why?"

Because sooner or later (probably this weekend tbh) I’ll be deleting this one as well and taking my leave from tumblr. Not sure whether I’ll make another account later on but right now I’m just really not liking the somewhat toxic effect tumblr has on me. I probably sound really pretentious saying that but meh that’s the only I can think to describe it.

Note to self: never let yourself get a horse fly bite ever again.

This heat is not the kind of heat you want to be working outside in I literally had sweat running down my face in little rivulets for three hours straight I am not okay

"Caroline: … to meet Kate
Celia: Is that her name?
Caroline: No she’s called Zanzibar Buck Buck McFate but i just call her Kate for short, it’s easier"
— Probably still one of my favourite moments from last tango in halifax